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Dutch Sinologist Inge Jansen and historian Monique Groeneveld and their team of experienced guides offer guided tours in English and Dutch in the Chinese Capital. You can join them for bike and walking tours, guided tours in the Forbidden City, Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, etc. All guides have a profound knowledge of the Chinese culture and history and make the excursions an unique experience.

Bike Tours

Discovering Beijing on a bike is one of the most fun ways to get to know the Chinese capital. Beijing turns out be not only a large and anonymous city but also small scale and intimate. On the bike you can observe street life and get to know the real Beijing. This bustling city with more than twenty million inhabitants seems to be reduced to a small village, and on your bike you feel like you are really part of it.

Bike trough ancient Beijings city streets.

City Walks

Wandering through the hutongs, you discover the daily life of ordinary Beijingers. These historical neighborhoods are the most characteristic living areas in Beijing. The atmosphere is friendly, almost village-like and there is always something new to explore: small shops, a local market, men playing Chinese chess. Every season and even every moment of the day has its own dynamics.

Information by knowledgeable city guides.


We love to show you more of Beijing, China and the Chinese culture. Come with us to one of the touristic highlights, like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. You prefer more of the beaten track activities? We have interesting theme-tours on famous Chinese historic figures like the writer Lao she and the wife of China’s first president Sun Yatsen, Soong Qingling. Or come with us to art-village Songzhuang and visit the workshops of the painters.

Guided visits to the Forbidden City.


Inge Jansen and Monique Groeneveld (both Dutch) work in Beijing already for many years. Inge as a writer of travel books about China (Dominicus) and Monique as the owner of language school China Inside. Together with their team of experencied guides they organise unique excursions. For information on prices, availability and for other questions:

Cycle through Beijings to the best places the city has to offer.

About Us

Sinologist Inge Jansen is the author of (Dominicus) travel books on China, Beijing, Shanghai and Monique Groeneveld is historian and owner of language school China Inside. Both China-experts know the Chinese capital like no one else. Together with a team of experienced guides they offer unique excursions in Dutch and English in the Chinese capital. All guides have a deep knowledge of the culture and history of China and make the excursions a unique experience. For more information about Monique and Inge take a look at their websites and

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